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Saint Alphonsa Muttathupadathu, F.C.C., or Saint Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception (19 August 1910 – 28 July 1946) was a Catholic Franciscan Religious Sister who is now honored as a saint, the first person of Indian origin to be canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church and the first canonized saint of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, an Eastern Catholic Church of the Saint Thomas Christian community.

She joined the Franciscan Clarist Congregation, a religious congregation of the Third Order of St. Francis, and through them, completed schooling and made her permanent vows in 1936. She taught school for years but was plagued by illness.

Claims of her miraculous intervention began almost immediately upon her death, and often involved the children of the convent school where she used to teach. The cause for the canonization of Sister Alphonsa began on 2 December 1953 in the Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Palai and she was declared a Servant of God. She was declared Venerable on 9 July 1985 by Pope John Paul II. Her beatification was declared 8 February 1986 by Pope John Paul II at Kottayam.

Hundreds of miraculous cures are claimed for her intervention, many of them involving straightening of clubbed feet, possibly because of her having lived with deformed feet herself. On Sunday, 12 October 2008, Pope Benedict XVI announced her canonization at a ceremony at Saint Peter’s Square.


Birth 19/8/1910
Baptism (St. Mary’s church Kudamalur) 27/8/1910
Primary School  Education Govt. L. P. School Thonnankuzhy, Arpookkara (Class 1 – 3) 16/5/1916 –  March 1919
First Holy Communion  (St. Mary’s church Kudamalur) 27/11/1917
Middle School Education Muttuchira  Govt. School (Class 4 – 6) 30/5/1920 –  1925
Confirmation (Holy Cross church Muttuchira) 21/1/1925
At Bharananganam School (Class 7th)  as Aspirant 27/5/1927
Receiving Postulant’s veil & Taking the name ‘Alphonsa’ 2/8/1928
Passing Public Examination in Class VII (Bharananganam) 1929
Higher Education in St. Theresa’s Vernacular  High School, Vazhappilly, Changanacherry 1929 – 1931
Vestition (St. Mary’s church Bharananganam) 19/5/1930
Teacher (St. Paul’s L. P. School Vakakad) 1932-1933
Canonical Novitiate (F. C. Convent Changanacherry) 12/8/1935- 12/8/1936
Final Profession 12/8/1936
Encounter with Thief 18/10/1940
Miraculous Cure (Regaining of Reading ability) 30/9/1941
Called to Eternity 28/7/1946
Funeral St. Mary’s church Bharananganam 29/8/1946
Diocesan Tribunal  for Beatification- ( Inauguration) 2/12/1953
Exhumation of Body &  Identification 13/4/1957
Apostolic Tribunal for Beatification 15/7/1980 –  17/11/1981
Declared  ‘Venerable’ 9/11/1984
Second Opening of the Tomb 13/8/1985
Declared  ‘Blessed’      by Pope John Paul II at Kottayam 8/2/1986
2nd  Apostolic Tribunal   for the Investigation of the Miracle (for Canonization) 26/2/2002 – 30/9/2002
Final Approval of the Miracle  by The Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI 1/6/2007
Canonization  at ROME by H. H. Pope Benedict XVI ( as The First Indian Woman Saint) 12/10/2008
Celebration of Canonization  at Bharananganam 9/11/2008
St. Alphonsa Commemorative Stamp Releasing 16/11/2008
St. Alphonsa Birth Centenary Commemorative  Coins (Rs. 100/- & Rs. 5/-) Releasing 23/8/2009
Feast Day of St. Alphonsa 28th JULY